Pass Labs XP-25 Outputs

I am currently trying out a Pass Labs XP-25 phono stage and enjoying what I am hearing, particularly with an MC Step Up Transformer feeding into it vice using the MC settings available.

I do have a question which I could not answer from reading the manual. As any XP-25 or 27 users will know it has a RCA and XLR output, with the RCA output being 6db less gain. The question Is, is it possible to have both outputs connected to a preamp RCA and XLR inputs accordingly and switch between them on your preamp (adjusting the volume of course) to see what you prefer?


@benjie sorry but gain is not the issue, my question was can l use the XLR and RCA outputs simultaneously connected to my preamp, and you definitely don't need to use XLR throughout the chain to get the the full gain from the XP-25, you only need phono stage to pre. I use a MFA TVC preamp which has 24 x 2db steps and when I use the RCA output I need 3 more steps on my preamp to get the same volume as XLR output.

I have an XP-27.  I use both outputs simultaneously when I am recording a record.  RCA to my A to D converter and XLR to my preamp. I'm sure you can use both outputs in an XP-25.

I tried out a SUT (!:15 Bobs Devices) to see if my Lyra Etna SL would sound better that way versus the MC settings.  I much preferred the MC settings without the SUT in the middle. YMMV.

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