Pass Labs XP32 or XP22?

I am considering buying Pass Labs, specifically the XA60.8 monoblocks. I am hoping that someone familiar with the preams could advise me.  XP22 or XP32?

Thank you


Listen not to the nay sayers you can`t go wrong with Pass.  The XP 22 is know comparison to the XP32. I`ve been using the Xp30 for quite some time along with the X350 Power amp. Hopefully you`ll pair your amp and preamp the Pass synergy is outstanding.  Blessing on your musical journey.

I have a 32, my friend has a 22.  The 32 is a bit more dynamic and has a lower noise floor IMHO.  Don't get me wrong, both are great but when we did some A/B, we both felt the 32 was a bit more engaging.  If you have the $$$, go with the 32.  

I have a Pass Labs 250.8.  As some others here have said, the ARC REF6 has a very sweet synergy with the Pass.  I also tried going MSB DAC to amp, and VAC Renaissance Mark V as well, and the ARC REF6 sounded significantly better to me.  Replacing the stock power cord with a Shunyata Alpha v2 really kicked it up another notch as well.  I have heard good things about Backert, but not having heard one in my system, can't say.  I can say that you won't be sorry with the ARC Ref6 (but nothing lower . . . I first tried an ARC LS28SE and was unimpressed.  Just a little better than the MSB direct to amp).  ARC preamps really hold their value as well.

Agree with AR and Pass. Years ago ran the AR ref 1 with the x350 it was terrific driving Dunlavy SC 4 a