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$85.000 & 65.000 Amps  The extreme high gone nuts
I've seen many classical musicians who have good systems .
In Germany its the norm .
Also have seen jazz musicians  who did as well, but only known a few .

Like many other manufacturers, Pass Labs has entry level and Higher priced equipment. I own the xa30.8 amp and xp10 preamp by Pass. Now they are not cheap by any means but they are not in the lead of the op's note. as others have stated, Nelson's First Watt can be had for even less cash. IMO, the XA-30.8 far exceeded my expectations and will last me the rest of my life. Also, Nelson spend a fair amount of time answering my questions and helping me match an amp for my other equipment. I can not say that of too many "creators" in this business. . 

stfoth---exactly correct. How could McCartney have been poor?! He’s by far the richest of The Beatles. But he knew he didn’t have to pay his band well---he could get anyone to play for him, no matter how low the pay, just for the exposure to a mass audience that would result from doing so, to increase one’s visibility, to make a name for oneself. Denny Seiwell came from the L.A. studios (as did his current drummer, the great Abe Laboriel, Jr.) and Jazz clubs, to which he returned after leaving Paul’s employ.

And you too are right, schubert. I should have qualified musicians with the adjectives Rock, Blues, and Country. Jazz and Classical guys are a whole ’nother matter!

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