Pass pre + Spectron Musician III - will this work?

Help please. I am considering a Pass Labs XP20 and thinking of matching it with th Spectron Musician III amps. Will this work well or will it be too lean? Thanks
I know a few poeple who use PASS Pre with Spectron. I cannot remember any complains from them. I, myself, use tube preamp (Joule-Electra) so I would be a poor judge.

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I have tried the Spectron Musician III MK2 mono-blocks with a TVC unit and the Benchmark DAC1 Pre. None of these have the finesse that the Joule Electra 300 ME has, but the sound was still great. I never got a lean sound with any of these preamps. In my experience and in my system, the sound can get lean if I use higher gauge (12awg or higher) speaker cables. This is due to the Maggies demanding lots of current, which the thinner wires simply can't deliver.

I have not heard the Pass Labs XP20, but I doubt that the sound will be anything less than stellar with the Spectron amps.
Wow Isanchez! I just saw your system for the first time (but I've often seen your name on threads) and it is similar to mine. I have the 3.6's - but with only one Spectron amp. I have them set up like yours with a 70 inch Sony in the middle. I have a Maggy center and the 1.6's as surrounds. I have the tweeters on the outside as well. However, I am using the Levinson #40 processor with them which of course is not up to your preamp but I like the flexibility of the surround sound. I have three Eagle monoblocks powering the center and surround Maggies. I'm sitting only 9 feet away as I have theater chairs in my 20' by 12' room. All power cords and speaker cable is Purist. I'll try to send you a picture if I can get my wife to find the system picture or take another one. I have the white Maggies but bought the cherry rails for them which I feel looks much better than the original oak. I think I've seen your name on the HFC thread - but your system doesn't have HFC cables...maybe I'm wrong.
Anyway, today I was experimenting with putting Harmonix pucks on top of the Spectron - both 1 over the transformer and then using 3 with 2 more in the rear corners. I haven't decided yet if it is better or not. Have you ever tried weight on top of the Spectrons? How much of a difference with the 3.6's is it going from a single Spectron to using the monoblocks to power the Maggies?
I'm in Northern New Jersey - 12 miles from Manhattan. Are you anywhere near me? Would love to hear your system!
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