Pass X150.5 or Odyssey Stratos monos?

After months of research and mental anguish ;) I've narrowed down my search for new amplification to the two in the title. There are obvious differences like the fact that one is a stereo amp while the other are monoblocks. Anyway, if you had to, which option would you go with and why? Thanks!
Odyssey Kismet monos!

 Read reviews, Kismet monos!

 Standard a
Stratos, are great amps, but when you go to Kismet level, you will hear a huge difference.

pass amazing.... of course they are!

 Do read kismet reviews, and call and talk to Klaus!
he is honest, and will tell you truth.

no matter amp (s) you choose, you will be happy!
I actually owned a pair of Odyssey Audio Kahrtargo monoblocks and found they were horrible in my system. 
It could have had something to do with the output/ input impedance mismatch between my preamp and amps. Make sure ratio is at least 20 to 1 
I own Pass Labs now and will never look back 
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My buddy had the  Stratos amps for many years.  I brought over a Luxkit Class A amp that simply crushed it in very way.  He sold it the next day.  I'd would without any thought go with the Pass not even close.

Happy Listening.