Pass X150.5 or Odyssey Stratos monos?

After months of research and mental anguish ;) I've narrowed down my search for new amplification to the two in the title. There are obvious differences like the fact that one is a stereo amp while the other are monoblocks. Anyway, if you had to, which option would you go with and why? Thanks!
I actually owned a pair of Odyssey Audio Kahrtargo monoblocks and found they were horrible in my system. 
It could have had something to do with the output/ input impedance mismatch between my preamp and amps. Make sure ratio is at least 20 to 1 
I own Pass Labs now and will never look back 
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My buddy had the  Stratos amps for many years.  I brought over a Luxkit Class A amp that simply crushed it in very way.  He sold it the next day.  I'd would without any thought go with the Pass not even close.

Happy Listening.
I owned a stereo Odyssey amp and a pair of Odyssey mono blocks at the same time and I can confirm that the stereo amp sounded better than the monos. I have heard a lot of Pass amps and would agree that they are probably better to my ears. Odyssey makes a good product though.
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