Pass X150.5 or Odyssey Stratos monos?

After months of research and mental anguish ;) I've narrowed down my search for new amplification to the two in the title. There are obvious differences like the fact that one is a stereo amp while the other are monoblocks. Anyway, if you had to, which option would you go with and why? Thanks!
Last year I bought a pair of Kismet Monoblocks in stratos cases. Thery were used and I had them sent to Klaus for an inspection and upgrade.He installed the latest soda can sized output caps and an power supply upgrade. He said that the time that this is the same configuration that he has in his personal system. I have $5000 all in. I have heard Pass Labs amps and I they are better but that degree of better costs a lot more. If you go to any audio show where Klaus in showing his room is always among the best sounding rooms in the show.I would love to own a Pass amplifier but for the money Odyssey Kismets are hard to beat. I'll keep mine until I have the $20-30K to buy a Pass product.
I’ll keep mine until I have the $20-30K to buy a Pass product.

Don’t know where you buy used Pass X150.5 that we're talking about here, but they go for $1500 to $3000 all over the place.

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I would disagree with you regarding my speakers/amp combo. Actually at the time my speakers were Dali Rubicon 6's that actually had a nominal impeadence of 4 ohms when I aquired the Kahrtargo monoblocks. The Kahrtargo monoblocks had a input impedance of 10k ohms 
My Dehavilland UV 3 had a output impeadence of 800 ohms so that was the deal breaker. At minimum my Dehavilland needs to "see" 18K ohms per Kara at Dehavilland.
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The bridged ones, would have been crap also into your Revels as well for the reason outlined.
And as for pre to power impedance, I don’t see 800 ohms into 10000 ohms such a bad mismatch either.

Cheers George
I'd go with Pass. Pass amps are recognized by MAGNEPAN, as the "go to electronics, when it comes to driving "MAGGIES" . Superlative in every respect. You might also consider PASS monoblocks and pre-amp if your budget can stand it. I am confident you will thank yourself.