Pass X150.5 or Odyssey Stratos monos?

After months of research and mental anguish ;) I've narrowed down my search for new amplification to the two in the title. There are obvious differences like the fact that one is a stereo amp while the other are monoblocks. Anyway, if you had to, which option would you go with and why? Thanks!

The only Pass design I’ve ever had is an old Forte 1a. Recently I had it recapped by Jon Soderberg, who used to work at Threshold. I added a Triode Wire 7 plus power cord….and  the combined result was just jaw dropping. I’d go with Pass:)

Well, after running through this old thread, I again realize why I so miss AL.

This seems like an older thread but will just jump in. I got a pair of Maggie 2.7Xs and tried drive them with an AVA DV225 mono blocks. They just about melted in about 10 minutes. I had previous experience with a stereo Kismet that had a very similar sound profile to the DV225, i.e.huge soundstage and incredible dynamics. I gave Klaus a call and he set me up with the latest and greatest Kismet mono blocks. He kept saying "awesome!". I thought "sure",whatever.

I've had them for about 3 months now and the pairing with the Maggies is very good. I have yet to come close to hearing any stress on the amp no matter the volume. It reaches the point where there is just this big, tall, wall of transparent sound engulfing me. I listened to the new Blu Ray of Rabin Trower "Bridge of Sighs" last night and basically turned into jelly in my chair. Doesn't seem to be much love for Odyssey here but I am very happy with the amps and have no intention of selling them, so no worries about resale value. I would have loved to find a used pair cheap and send them in to Klaus for updating, but I wanted something new, and with the 20 year warrantyI have no worries. 


AWESOME indeed.