Pass X250.8 vs Merrill Veritas vs Rowland Continuum S2 - Experiences?

Well, down to three, possibly four contenders for an upgrade to our Simaudio W-5.  Recently auditioned a pr of Pass xa60.8's (Mark @ Reno HiFi is incredible!), but just didn't do it for us in terms of retaining stage, detail, frequency spectrum at low amplitude listening as the W-5 (chassis sizes are also just too much for our listening space).  Within our 10k cap, trying to capture a presentation that is true/organic to the source(s), throws a tremendous stage w/ accurate placement, and offers a beautifully balanced level of transient detail, partic. at lower amplitudes.  Mark is sending out the x250.8, and will also be auditioning the Merrill Veritas in Feb.  Hoping to do the same with Rowland Continuum S2's and, just to really muddy the waters, will be hosting a pr of NAT Se2Se monos for a couple months while a colleague is overseas. Yea, some apples vs oranges here, but I love this hobby!  Any experienced ears comparing some/all of these?  Thanks everyone ~       
Thank you for your perspective, rhanson.  Aside from cost, was there a particular reason you went with a JR integrated vs separates?  How would you assess your Veritas audition at low amplitude listening?  
Can't really address your last question. In order to gain full advantage of my Magnepan speakers, one has to play at at least a moderate volume.

The main reason: We liked the sound. It seemed more 'mature' than we had been accustomed to with our previous amp.

Secondary reasons: Cost; support; footprint size.
What a generous  colleague  you have😊
That NAT   Se2Se is very highly regarded and I'd  bet it sounds  terrific with an appropriate  speaker match. Curious  to read what you think of it in your system compared to your  transistor  amplifiers. This should be  fun and interesting.
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