Pass x250, Talon Khoruses , what now ?

hi y'all..
i got a decent deal on a new pass labs x250 to drive my
beloved talon khoruses, i got a half way decent rega planet 2000 cd player, wish it was balanced, and now i'm
out of money and in need of a pre amp, i can spend up to a grand, any recommendations? how about a tube pre amp?
i hear that the combination of a ss amp and a tube pre amp
can sometimes b fantastic.. is there anything fantastic for that kind of money out there, used or not ?
thanks in advance,
Hi David, good for you for getting rid of the 300i, I love Krell myself but somehow I think you made the right choice on getting the Pass Labs amp for your Khorus speakers.Something tells me that the Pass and Talon Khorus will have a better synergy than the Krell and Talon Khorus combo.

Now for the preamp, since your budget is around $1000 maybe a used Sonic Frontiers Line 1 or BAT VK-3i, the reasons I suggested these two were due to the fact that they both have balanced outputs, which in turn will work well with your Pass Labs amp.

Happy Hunting.
For a little over your budget the Sonic Frontiers SFL-2 is an excellent pre-amp and should work well with the Pass amp.
I agree that BAT may be a good choice, but if you could utilize a passive pre such as one of the placette units I am sure it would do a very nice job.

BTW I've only heard the Khoruses with a 75wpc OTL amp and they were amazing, I can't imagine the detail and sheer dynamics they much have with a larger solid state. ~Tim