Pass x260.8 v. Parasound JC1+?

Greets all,  Wondering what opinions are re the above monoblocks.  I have a Cary SLP-05 pre-amp, KEF Blades (original), Esoteric K-03X CD player. Currently running a Pass Labs X350.5 and things sound real nice.  But looking for some improvement. Thoughts, anyone?  Thanks!


I do not like the combo of Parasound and KEF blades.  Cold and dry.  The new .8 Pass are your ticket.  

The best is to try it in your own system.  Everyone has different taste.  You think it is bright, I think it is perfect.  I have some experience with JC1+ and it is not bright at all in my opinion.  

I owned the Pass Labs X350.5 and I was able to try a X350.8 thanks to Reno Hi-Fi. To my ears the 350.8 was dull sounding. The 350.5 had much more excitement. I kept the 350.5. (However later on I did eventually sell it).

Now, I also owned the Cary SL-05 and I thought that it to be very constricted. You would probably be better off getting rid of it.

IMHO that is.


I heard the KEF blades with JC1+ amps at the Pacific Audio Fest last summer. I thought they sounded nice, but I don't think they lived up to the price point. But these were "show" conditions. 

I've owned the JC5 and the XA60.8, and the Pass amps were clearly superior in my system (warmer and more engaging sound, deeper and wider sound stage), but the Pass amps are considerably more expensive. The sound stage improvements could have easily been because the Pass amps are monoblocks while the JC5 isn't.