Pass XA100 or X350.5

Own a X350, thinking of opgrading to X350.5 or XA100.
Have someone heard the XA100´s?
Use Kharma 3.2F and Wadia 301 with Kharma cables.
Thanks for sharing yourexperience line_romer, I am quite happy with the X250 right now and aiming more to upgrade my analog front end in the next future.

I was just asking if the 100 Watts were enough power for you since the spkrs I haqve demand a lot of power and control. I also think that 100 pure-class A power will do for meas well.


I have been listening to my new X350.5 amp for a little over 3 hours. It replaced an X350 and out of the box it was sweater and made my Dunlavy SC-4a speakers sing. I've usually maintained both tube and solid state amps and for the 1st time, I may have to re-evaluate that policy. My present tube amps are BAT VK-60 monos and they are fine, musical amps, but listening to Holy Cole's "Take me home " on the X350.5 is a powerful experience that has never been matched by my former ARC VT-200 or the BATs. I can't wait to see what happens as the amp progresses through burn-in. The amp is driven by an ARC Ref 2 mark 1 and it doesn't get halfway through its class A mode. My hat goes off to Nelson Pass on a wonderful new product.
If the speakers are sensitive enough, XA series probably is the best SS amp IMHO.
I used to have an X350--a generally fine sounding amp, especially in mids & highs, but bass was a little opaque (using Aerial 10ts at first, later Wilson WP-6s).
Switched to Edge NL12 (now with Kharma 3.2CRMs) & would never go back to Pass (or anything else). I don't even crave tubes any more. The Edge has great, great clear bass, oodles of detail with out being harsh or grainy, deep soundstage, completely un-fatiguing while sounding live & real. Also, the amp gets only slightly warm at all times, a major benefit IMHO, unlike the X350 that would heat up the room (sometimes unbearably). I would definitely try an Edge amp, I think it's my amp for good.
(Absolute sound was right about Edge.)