Passive bi-amping works ?

I can't figure out how passive bi-amping (as pointed out in my Martin-Logan manual)in either vertical or horizontal modes offers more sonic benefits than using a higher-powered amp(usually better quality)in bi-wiring mode. Please enlighten.
Supakit, try it both ways and tell us which way sounds better. I'm betting on the bi-amping. Let your ears decide, but get a quality y-connector and why not put it at the end of your present interconnect (female to two male with enough length to reach the two inputs)?
Garfish, looking forward to your review. TWO upgraded DNA-2s? I have a severe case of amp envy.
I used passive bi-amping and it was a slight improvement. I would suggest you go that route with the idea of eventually going to an active cross-over which will be a HUGE improvement. At least that was my experience. Active cross-overs are relatively cheap.
craig, i tink yule like yer bi-amped set-up, but as yuve also had yer amps seriously upgraded, i imagine lotsa improvement wood be evident even if using only *one* amp in a bi-wire mode.

supakit, whether or not 4 channel for passive bi-amping is better than bridging & having 2-channel w/bi-wiring, depends, in part on the power-requirements of your speakers. if, for example, yer bass driver/s really need 200w to come alive, & yer 4-channel amp is, say, 100wpc, then bridging the amps to two-channel, w/anywhere from 200-400wpc, will prolly be better. but, if each channel of yer four-channel amp is more than enuff power for the load it'll see in a bi-amped configuration, it will prolly sound better when run bi-amped.

hope this helps, doug s.