Passive pre-amp in a cable?

I am wondering if the following works: Can I just take a pair of interconnects, cut em, and insert a stereo pot to create a passive pre-amp equivalent?

If so, do I wire it up as follows?

| Ground | Signal
| |
| ___/_ |
| -/---
| /
| +--------+
| |
| Ground | Signal

Any help appreciated as to hookups, and the correct value for the pot? I'll be using a CD player which has a discrete output stage that put puts about 2V swing, in to a small tube amp.
I suppose your drawing would work, but the pot should be mounted in a chassis so it's sheilded. A 100K pot would be a little high for a passive preamp. 20K or so, would be more appropiate so it has a "low" output impedance. If you can physically mount the pot on your amp chassis, it should replace the input load resistor, in which case you could use a 100K.
Contact Rodger Modjeski at He provided me with a volume control/passive pre-amp that has made the sound of my Cambridge d500se and Music Reference RM-10 amp clearer, cleaner and more musical. Big improvement in image as well, the speakers have disappeared. I don't find any loss of attack, dynamics or bass but a few classical discs, Reference Recordings, need to have the pot turned up all the way. Eliminating the active pre-amp is the way to go.
Your proposed device will work just fine. I agree that 20k to 25K would be the right value. Also remember the pot should be a logrithmic taper and high quality to prevent noise. Good luck.