Passive Preamp Build; ? on RCA Jack Grounding

I'm starting a build on a small passive preamp. The RCA jacks that I bought have two small insulating washers. One has a shoulder on it. It makes me think that the washer with the shoulder is designed to center the jack in the hole and prevent it from grounding out through the rear panel.

This didn't quite make sense to me since I will be attaching the outer shell of the jack to ground anyway.

Is there a reason to use the washers and to prevent the jack from directly contacting the panel?


Thanks Jgjockey.

I was planning to do a point-to-point star ground in this first project.

My take is that it really won't hurt anything if the jacks are grounded to the star and to the rear part of the chassis. Correct?

Probably won't hurt at all.

I had a switch to lift the grounds, based on other's advice, but found it useless. I smashed flat a piece of copper pipe and screwed all the grounds to that.
Great and thanks for the reply. I also have read about a switch to lift the grounds with a capacitor in the series. I figured that if I had some hum issues, then I would go back in and alter the wiring.

I have a lot of copper sheet around due to my other hobby (making copper and silver jewelry) and figured that I'd use some of that to make a star ground. Heck, I might even cut it into the shape of a star just for kicks.

Thanks again,