Passive preamps - differences between technologies


I have been wondering what are the main differences in the way some passive preamps are designed. 

Some have resistors, some are transformer based.. What are the pros/cons?

More specifically, I'm looking at Music First Classic/Baby Reference V2 vs Hattor the Big or a Tortuga.

I'm looking for an upgrade from Audio Research LS16, considering looking for ARC Ref3 or a nice passive. My amp is ARC Ref150 (which is a lovely thing and I feel like the LS16 is holding it back) and phono pre is RCM sensor2 mk2 - so there's enough gain from the phono, the power amp has 300k ohms input, my DAC can output 1-3V rms, I use interconnects up to 1m so a passive could be an option. 

Thank you. 

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Lord to visit Prague again…. pack my REF5se in a flight case and be right there…

Astute read that you don’t want to give up the dynamics… In my experiments… a buffer almost always needed …. hopefully you can find a way to trial a few of tgese devices while retaining the excellent store of value your  ARC preamp represents….

Best to you….

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If a Hint of Richness is on the 'to be experienced' list.

A Cable with D.U.C.C Wire has the capability to produce this Tonality e, as a very subtle influence, the thickening up of the mid's and lower frequencies, is a typical  effect from the Cable, that has been perceived across a few systems I have loaned the Cables with this Wire Type to be used in.

Because the Wires Tonality is perceivable when a Group has been at a Demo' of it in use there has been a mixed response/thoughts disclosed on how it is able to create an impression.     

Get the best ARC preamp you can afford.  The synergy will be fantastic.