Passive Preamps

I'm curious about passive preamps. Has anyone tried a passive preamp in their system?
If you're a purist audiophile this is the to go.Unaltered signal and very transparent.
Did you experience one recently? Curious because you revived an old thread. TVCs ROCK!!

I tried out several Passives over a weekend and was very surprised
how different they were. For some reason, I thought being passive would make them sound similar, no way at all. It was two years ago, so I can not remember the brands, but the Music First Audio Baby Reference was way ahead of the other three. Very clean and neutral, with as good detail retrieval as I've heard. Yes even this expensive unit lacked the last ounce of dynamics, but what was there was still very good.

A version two of the Baby Reference is out, so the original should be a bit cheaper, if you can find one. A passive is one unit I would buy second hand. It won't last for ever, but it should be pretty indestructible.

Agreed that passives are not recommended foe every system. You have to carefully put together a system so that passives can fit in. But a good passive can out gun an expensive amp in a matching system. That is my experience.