Passive subwoofer amps help!

I acquired two massive subwoofers (over 230lbs each) that were mated to a $100k+ custom system and I need to power them somehow. In my limited research, I'm a bit confused about all this.  I'm used to my subs being powered.  The subwoofer amps I've found by Dayton Audio seem to be very lower powered.  Can I just buy an SVS PB16 amps off ebay and build a box and use that? That gives plenty of subwoofer power and the ability to control with phone. Or is that a big sin in the subwoofer world?  Why are there not more external high powered solutions for this with a volume knob, low pass knob, and phase switch on the front. 

I did look at the Klipsch RSA-500 but it specifically lists the subs this amp is to be used with.  Also, for $1k+, it's not that powerful.



Ok those Crown amps are only amps though, what about volume control, crossover, and phase control?  I suppose I'd have to use the controls within the Anthem preamp section to control volume, xover, and phase?  That's fine, but it's just very limited on the volume as it only goes up/down 10db or so.  I would think i'd need a gain knob at least no?

I'm really surprised there isn't some kind of awesome external subwoofer amp that gives you flexibility and options kinda like most plate amps on subs with multiple inputs/outputs and controls.

@dtximages Wrote:

I would think i'd need a gain knob at least no?

Crown amps have gain knobs on the front panel!


Looking to Behringer amplifiers with DSP. Suggestions from pro audio or your nearest guitar Center could be of help.