Passive subwoofer amps help!

I acquired two massive subwoofers (over 230lbs each) that were mated to a $100k+ custom system and I need to power them somehow. In my limited research, I'm a bit confused about all this.  I'm used to my subs being powered.  The subwoofer amps I've found by Dayton Audio seem to be very lower powered.  Can I just buy an SVS PB16 amps off ebay and build a box and use that? That gives plenty of subwoofer power and the ability to control with phone. Or is that a big sin in the subwoofer world?  Why are there not more external high powered solutions for this with a volume knob, low pass knob, and phase switch on the front. 

I did look at the Klipsch RSA-500 but it specifically lists the subs this amp is to be used with.  Also, for $1k+, it's not that powerful.



Dayton Audio makes a thousand-watt shelf-mount Class AB subwoofer amp with controls for phase, low-pass frequency (4th order slope), and gain, and it has a single band of parametric EQ.  It's called the SA-1000. Available from Parts Express, Part Number 300-811.


If you are running these under horns you may want something more flexible, like a fully DSP capable crossover ahead of both of your amps. If these are being run purely as subs then that's not an issue.

I just ran across a Behringer NX6000 locally I can grab for $400.  Doesn't have DSP but my Anthem has all that. I think I'll try this and see what happens.

FYI, the subs do already have dayton audio SPA250DSP amps built in but they're literally built into the cabinet. The builder drilled holes in the side with a usb, power, and RCA jack.  Strange way to do it, but the cabinet is curved and the owner comes to your house to calibrate.  All calibration is meant to be done through the usb connected to a computer.  

@audiokinesis 1+

If you want higher performance you will need a two way crossover such as a MiniDSP or a preamp with digital bass management. I do not like Crown amps. I have had them twice and both times they were unsatisfactory. I use QSC PL380s which are killer subwoofer amps, but on the pricey side. The GX5 will be fine and it has a built in subwoofer low pass filter. DO NOT use the RMX series amps. They have a habit of self destructing. I personally destroyed 3 RMX 5050s, fortunately under warranty. Finally, QSC insisted I switch to  PL380s, a more expensive amp by $1000 each and they did not charge me the difference! They are the best subwoofer amps I have ever used. QSC gets an A+ for service.

@mijostyn , thanks for the QSC suggestion. 

I should have mentioned that the Dayton SA-1000 has a fixed 80 Hz second-order line level highpass filter to roll off the bottom end going to the amp for the main speakers.  No DSP in the Dayton; it's all analogue. 

Reliability has been very high in my experience; aside from a brief string of defective units that were either DOA or died within the first couple of weeks, I've only had ONE unit (out of about 200) fail in the field.  It failed about 4 years and 10 months into the 5 year warranty, and Parts Express replaced it under warranty.