Pat Metheny Fans, Great Suggestions Please ??


I have Secret Story, We Live Here and Imaginary Day.

I know his styles vary from album to album, but I'm looking for some stuff that sounds great cranked-up or low-level, beautiful, involving and long-term (asking a lot)

The 30-60 second samples give a fraction of say, what a 14 minute song has, so it's kinda difficult to get a handle on the changing improvs.

I did like what I "managed" to hear from Pat Metheny Group with Mays, Egan and Gottlieb "San Lorenzo"
Check out "Images of Metheny" by Jason Vieux. Not by the man himself, but a phenomenal guitarist playing 13 of Metheny's top compositions. Good listening, Dave
Two more comments, off the beaten path a bit; There's a cool album where he (and Jaco Pastorious, Peter Erskine, Michael Brecker) was a sideman: Shadows & Fog.

Also, you'll notice nobody mentioned his soundtrack: The Falcon and the Snowman. That's because it sucks.

If there's one thing I wish we'd have is, some really good recordings of his. Especially the early stuff. It really sounds bad (compressed, no details, etc.) Only "One Quiet Night" and "Beyond the Missouri Sky" sound exceptional.

Also, nobody has mentioned "Song X" with Ornette Coleman.

I think is Geffen period sound like "Weather Channel" music.
Another off-the-beaten-path soundtrack he did was for an Italian film called Passaggio per il Paradiso. It is actually really wonderful. He's not gonna fool anyone into believing he's a world class drummer or synth player but some of those melodies are just beautiful. He also played in Joni Mitchell's touring band in 1979-80 time frame and is featured quite prominently on her excellent live album "Shadows and Light" along with the afoementioned Jaco Pastorius.
Yes, "Shadows and Light." Shadows and Fog was a Woody Allen movie. Not very good either.

And, I believe the Passaggio per il Paradiso Love Theme is on the Beyond the Missouri Sky album. Clearly the best track too.