Pathos amplifiers comparison


Recently I'm hooked up to Pathos amplifiers with their unique design and hybrid technology.

Anyone has used some of them, please advise/share me with your experience or opinion on them.

- Speakers : Sonus Faber Olympica Nova IIIs
- Network : Cambridge CXN V2 or 851N
- Current amplifiers : LC audio millennium power amplifier via Onkyo 6.1ch receiver's pre-out (direct)

Pathos candidates for my integrated amplifier
1. Classic One Mk III x 2 (mono bridged)
2. Twin Tower RR or Anniversary
3. Inpol 2

Maybe a good substitute would be a Unison Research Unico Due that’s also a hybrid design with more power and even keeps things in the Italian family.  Best of luck. 

I’m aware I’m posting on an old thread but I’m adding my comments in case someone new comes across this thread when searching Google or agon. 

I have the pathos synapse and pathos Adrenalin monoblocks paired to Dali Epicon 8s and sometimes Focal Diablo Utopia standmounts on occasion. 

It is not bass shy with the epicons but with the diablos there is definitely a need of subwoofers. 

To me these are endgame pre/amp combos. I may change speakers but I have no intention of changing out the synapse and Adrenalin. 

I’m also planning on getting the inpol headamp for my office environment in the near future. 

Since someone revived this thread,& since I've had the Classic Remix Mk.II in my system the last 6 weeks,I'll add my thoughts..
 Aesthetics:NEVER had so many non audio friends interested in anything in my system..Like moths to a flame...
Ergonomics:UGHHH,whoever the design idiot was,should be taken out back & horsewhipped for putting the all black headphone socket,on an all black background at the very bottom of the unit & RECESSED about an inch.I literally have to get on my knees with a flashlight to plug in my cans..NOT good for an old man with a really bad back...
Sound:ABSOLUTELY sublime!
 Made me completely forget about an all tube or Class A SS amp..If I didn't use headphones every night it would be a keeper(see above comment on ergonomics)...