patricia barber - diana krall - holly cole

wouldnt that be awesome if they - toured together - tell me it wouldnt be sold out every night they played. 


I wonder how the SACD version compares to the XRCD?  Let me know if you want to compare them by PM

@moto_man  , my ears probably aren't good enough for that, but I was planning on doing some listening tomorrow after the 1pm game.  I will put "Companion" at the top of my list (after playing a warm up disc) and I am game.

I haven't heard much on XRCD?  I have Tina Turner "Private Dancer" on XRCD, and that definitely has something extra (when compared to most other CDs, although I have made no direct comparison to any other "Private Dancer" CDs) and I paid way more$ than I wish I would have for "Linda Ronstadt's Greatest Hits" because 1) the few times I listened to it I never thought the sonics were anything special, and 2) about the 3rd time I was going to listen to it, when I was extricating it from its case (it fit tightly) it broke!  I almost felt like crying.  I wound up buying a used DCC pressing of that one, but it's not really anything special either. 

I think all you defending her are proving my point. Horny old men who care more about that the albums are “generally magnificently recorded“ than the music itself. Top tip. There are lots of albums that are well recorded. 

I like all three of these performers. I liked Barbara Streisand too but heard she is not so nice. To each his own, everyone can listen to whomever they like? No problem.. I don't get the negative comments because of this??