Patricia Barber MFSL 180g LP or SACD?

I wonder if the (MoFi) MFSL 180g LP for Patricia Barber's "Companion", "Nightclub" are worth their price-tage? Or should I just settle for SACD?

Or I should just be happy with the CD version (BlueNote release) that I already have?

I have to say go for the SACD. I haven't heard these two titles but I bought the 45 Modern Cool by Mofi and it is really awful. I'm not the most picky on sound quality of music I like to play but this one turned me off of any Patricia Barber LPs. I couldn't even sell you Modern Cool in good conscience.
Sonofjm, when you said it sounded aweful, do you mean the pressing is noisy, or the remastering is bad?
Both actually. The music sounds dull and lifeless on the mofi 45 and the vinyl is surprisingly noisey. On the other hand I have both the CD and SACD and both sound excellent on my system. As I said, I can't speak for the Companion and Nightclub LPs but the Companion CD and SACDs are also excellent.
I hope someone specifically chimes in on "Companion." I love the standard CD of that, and was thinking of getting the 45RPM LP as well.