Paul Grzybek Tube Audio Design Passing

Today I tried sending Paul an email today. The returned response was we are saddened that Paul can not get in contact with you. I did a internet search and found he passed away back in May. He had done some work for me on a Fisher 400 and I also purchased one of his Hot rodded 400's. He will be missed.

He was only 48
I just came across this today as i was searching for Paul's contact information. I am deeply saddened to learn of hs passing. I knew Paul first as the quirky shopkeep of my favorite record store, I loved coming in not only because he stocked some of the best music in town, but because he was so much fun to hang out and chat with. When I think of my teenage years, Paul is always one of the standout characters. He was always kind, funny and full of interesting conversation. Sorry i havent much to add as far as Audio design goes, but Paul really meant a lot to me and i wanted to share just a little bit about him.
I didin't know he ran a record shop as well as selling great audio gear. I'd say you were fortunate to have know him on such a personal level. From the talks I had with him on the phone, I could surmise what a good person he was and thought it would be nice to see him in person.

All the best,
So sad to hear, just found out about his passing.

Great guy to work with.

Absolutely loved my Tadac.

RIP to a talented and wonderful person.
I just found out about his passing today. I still have one of his Cayin TA 30 amps. I will probably never get rid of it.
I reached out to TAD last week on a setup question only to learn from his wife Kathy that Paul had passed in 2012. My last interaction with Paul was in Jan 2012 just prior to his death when he did a tube change and fluff and buff on my TAD-150. Ironically I am sitting here now listening to Telarcs recording of Oscar Peterson meet Roy Hargrove and Ralph Moore through the TAD-150 while receiving the news of his passing. I'm sure his pair of NOS output tubes is still glowing warmly somewhere.
Warmest regards to Kathy and his family.
Eric Bratt