Paul Hynes Excuses to deliver the power supply SR7 , I Lost my money

I have paid £3180 to Paul 8 month ago.

He did not deliver my order and i asked him to refund my money but he told me he couldn’t refund my money .

it is shame ...

Sorry Kenny, I've compared the SOtM 500 PS to a Hynes SR7EHD powering SOtM and other equipment. The Hynes is worth the wait. 
I waited 8 months for my SR-7.  The wait was much longer than I expected.  It did finally get shipped and it was worth the wait, IMO.

Hi guys

if you remember i told you paul is not trusted and he not refund my money after 6 month.

now Paul have sent me an email and he told me he will refund my money this week.


Good news to me and other who would like to order Paul hynes PSU.

i should say Paul is trusted and if you pay him he will refund your money .



Glad you ultimately had an acceptable outcome but that is a long time for someone to hold your money.
  And what gives with the critics of the OP?  Bad vendors need to be outed, and in as many places as possible