Paying with a cashiers check? Need advice!

So I have a deal set up for a new to me pre here on Audiogon. The issue is the seller only wants to excepts a certified bank check. I have never paid this way before and I am a bit nervous. He says all the right things almost to much honestly. He does on the other hand have fifty some positive reviews and I talked to him on the phone as well. Which is when I got a bit more suspicious after he offered me a deal on a disk player at below half market value. He seems genuinely nice but I’m sure the best scammers do. Is there any way to get extra insurance that everything is legit? And would you guys be ok with it being he has 50 positive reviews over nearly 20 year span?  Looking forward to people thought. And thanks. 
I just went through something similar. $3K component. Seller says no PayPal and is vague about the reason. Doesn't respond when I ask if I can pay him by credit card. Seems like a good guy though — I talk to him over the phone. He's got fine feedback but mostly on a different site. IF that's even him. Hmm.

We decide to both sign up with but the process is so tragically convoluted and the fees so hefty that we mutually decide to go with COD instead.

He ships the component and sends me the tracking number and the package just sits and sits in the UPS system, not moving for eight days. Maybe it's the cold and ice, he says (he lives in the South).

Fast-forward to yesterday. The box finally arrives, a full week late, but I can't take possession because, contrary to what we'd discussed, seller has apparently indicated to UPS he needs a money order or cashier's check. I only have a personal check. But here's where it gets REALLY strange: someone (seller? UPS clerk?) seems to have transposed the numbers, and instead of $3,000, the COD amount is $250.91 — which is the price of packing plus shipping plus insurance. What? I can get a three thousand dollar product for less than a tenth of the price?! It looks like if anyone is going to screw someone else over, here's my chance (not that I would!). I call the seller and he seems as confused as I am. After some thinking, and with the seller's blessing, I drive to my bank and get a money order for $250.91. On my way back, I happen to see the UPS driver, and give him the money order in exchange for the package. Now I owe the seller a hair under $2,750. We agree that I'll just mail him a personal check. (!!)

OK, on to the package. Whatever is inside is double-boxed and super well packed. I peel off layers and layers of bubble wrap while my daughter video-records the whole thing so I'll have a record if something isn't right. Briefly I wonder if the seller has shipped me some bubble-wrapped bricks. And then I finally open the product box and ...

None of what I see has been touched since it left the factory. The component is pristine, per seller's description. The protective cling film is still on the unit and the remote. There's a bill of sale from a legit U.S. dealer, made out to seller. I plug in the component, set it up, and everything works flawlessly. Whew.

All's well that ends well. Seller even sent ME a check for $100 last week because the shipping costs (which I was covering) were so high and he felt that helping me pay them was "the right thing to do." Like I said: good guy.

Despite the happy ending, this transaction definitely caused more nail-biting and aggravation than I signed up for. And I for damn sure wish that everyone who sells and buys audio just used PayPal! :-

I wouldn't do it. I would pay the paypal fees but I wouldn't do it. I actually paid once with a cashier's check and the transaction worked really well, but the only reason I did it was that my best friend lived in the same city. I at least knew someone can go and knock on that door if I didn't get my item.
Looking at the listing and the seller does not have feedback for the last 3 years would be a deal breaker. Another thing I noticed is the pre amp only weighs 26 lbs. A McIntosh box probably weighs 20 lbs. The weight should be at least 40/50 lbs. The $2150 price is probably the lowers a c46 has sold for. Quite a few selling around $2400.
It you send him a check and in fact he ships the preamp to you and the glass is broken. You are screwed. I sold McIntosh for years and they have to be packed perfectly to protect the glass. McIntosh has never accepted any item for repair without the correct McIntosh box for the component.All that being said, you might be saving $350 on the deal but is $350 worth al the stress you will have waiting to see if in fact you get the c46 and second it is not damaged and working.
Either use or Pay Pal or walk away. Not worth the stress.

Don't take one. They are not the same as cash or paypal. They van be forged and they can be cancelled; I find they're often used in scams in fact people have ot go out of their way (supposedly) to drive to a bank to cut a check when paypal, venmo are super convenient and at least Paypal is secure. After years of seeing them used in scams in retail stores I ran as well as car dealerships I view them as a red flag.