Paying with a cashiers check? Need advice!

So I have a deal set up for a new to me pre here on Audiogon. The issue is the seller only wants to excepts a certified bank check. I have never paid this way before and I am a bit nervous. He says all the right things almost to much honestly. He does on the other hand have fifty some positive reviews and I talked to him on the phone as well. Which is when I got a bit more suspicious after he offered me a deal on a disk player at below half market value. He seems genuinely nice but I’m sure the best scammers do. Is there any way to get extra insurance that everything is legit? And would you guys be ok with it being he has 50 positive reviews over nearly 20 year span?  Looking forward to people thought. And thanks. 
Yup got a 1099 from PayPal for like $2k.  Had to line item it on my taxes to proove it wasn't profit.   Maybe that's another reason the dude wants a check.  
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I take bitcoins, wire transfers and personal checks only.

What is ironic is back when I was in the big data business my team built the platform on which PayPal built their first anti-fraud system. No more PP Mr. Thiel. 

Do auctioneers take PP?
Pretty easy to set up PayPal. If he won’t make that small effort, forget about him. 
If the deal is too good to be true, it is.
What did the OP do? All his posts where posted last Saturday. Door #1 or door #2?