Paypal Changes for 2022

If I understand this correctly, Paypal, along with all on-line payment sources like Venmo, etc. will now be sending out 1099 forms for all payments totaling $600 you receive in 2022 for goods or services.  The only way around this is to use Paypal friends and family for payment which eliminates any buyer protections.  Is everyone aware of this?


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@rodman99999 just pay your taxes. Its a privilege to live in this country and Im certain ther are plenty of people who pay alot more than both of is who never gripe. Thankfully.

@thyname redistribution of wealth is another way of saying theft at the force of federal government.  I hear the oft repeated phrase, "what do they need all that money for!" I don't have any idea how much money you make and I don't give a rip. It isn't my business. I want you to consider this though, to someone you are rich beyond their wildest dreams. Why is it right you should have what you have? Shouldn't you divest yourself of your possessions to make it "fair" or does that only apply to people you think are richer than you?
You didn't go as far as advocating violence, but you hinted at it as a remedy. Will you be comfortable when they come for you? The majority of rich people have come by what they have honestly and it's not any more fair to take it from them than it is from you. We don't have a too little taxation problem in this country; we have a spending problem in this country. Can you name any government agency that was created to solve a problem that has ever solved the problem then gone away because the job was done?  You can't tax your way to prosperity. Even Jesus said 'the poor you will always have with you'. 

One of you, I believe it was @nonoise inferred that rich people hoarded their money and that's why people were poor. Do you honestly think that way? People that have money are putting it to work, not stuffing it in a mattress. They are investing, growing, building, spending, donating. Putting people to work. I have never gotten a job from a poor man and neither has anyone here. 

The amount of confusion that has been displayed by what I would consider intelligent people about this IRS reporting issue is evidence of the reason it shouldn't be taking place. Do the majority of people have the savvy to comprehend it? At last count I believe our tax code was over 80k pages. It's too easy to end up on the wrong side of a very powerful federal entity who have the power to either take away your house, your livelihood or your freedom. 

Do you think you own your house if you aren't renting? Even if it's been paid off for twenty years, thirty years or a hundred try to stop paying taxes on it and see how long it's yours.

I'm ticked at PayPal for taking a sizable hunk of the buyer's payment to me then sitting on MY money, first promising to give it to me the day after delivery, then sitting on it for two more weeks because "I hadn't used PayPal for awhile" (sounds like extortion). When they finally released the funds they wanted another $15 to wire the money immediately and avoid another "one to three day delay."  Seems like just another money-grubbing corporation putting up unnecessary hurdles to squeeze the customer and make added interest on the money "in transition."

Nonoise, I've got to wonder why no one read your comment about Brainwashed Infowars.  More ado about nothing.  I am not a sovereign citizen, heck, I am not a sovereign bot.  Thank you for post and some truth.

@dadork : other than the righteous speech, do you have any solutions to the PayPal reporting issue this thread was initiated? Read the OP. Or this does not pertain to you as you never bought or sold anything here? There are plenty of other sites for your kind of thing. Why is it so hard to stay on topic