PayPal imposed draconian security blocks AFTER I sold my unit

I have been relatively happy with PayPal for the small number of transactions I have made over the last 15 years or so. However, they overstepped the mark this last transaction - requiring about 6 forms of proof that I was not a business - culminating in a passport picture. Bank statements, enhanced drivers ID, receipt of sale, of original purchase were also needed, including confirmation that I have no stock room or store.

i called their live support Sunday and was offered some hope that they could see past the AI and see the simple history of a hobbyist. Not to be, I gave them their pound of flesh so I could get my money transferred to my bank. If they had notified me when listing I would have not used PayPal. Moving forward I will refrain from using PayPal unless absolutely necessary. It amounted to cyber blackmail.



I suggest you contact law enforcement and explain the situation of forcing to share an excessive personal information in order to receive funds belonging to you.

I think feds bite cyber-blackmailing. It could be coming from person (employee) handling your case within PayPal. You should ask to speak to supervisor and copy every piece of your WRITTEN conversation.

Credit cards are now doing the same thing. Welcome to the wonderful of cyber crime and prevention. I needed 4 forms of ID to use a credit card from a bank I’ve used for years. They don’t tell you upfront, only when you try to use the card for the first time. I went through the same issue with PP as well after years of much use including high dollar transactions etc. if you haven’t used the system for some time and a purchase/sale gets flagged it’s hoop time. If you use PP regularly it won’t happen. It will also flag you if the item you sell or buy is out of the “norm” in any way.

A similar situation just happened with me and Stripe.  NEVER again will that joke of a company be used by me.  

Glad I have no credit cards at all and no paypal.

Cash is the only correct conversation with me as I also converse in cash.

Less civilization = more life.

You Americans need to move to the Electronic Transfer system like the Canadian banks use. I never have to deal with PayPal when moving money from myself to a buyer or the other way, if Canadian banks are used. its literally a step in the bank app to send money to someone via a phone number or email address. and if both parties have signed up to auto deposit the receiver wont have to do anything, its deposited directly into their bank. No fees and bank level security / insurance. Why you are still using PayPal is beyond me, probably someone lobbied for PayPal lol.