PC for LUMIN X1 ! .... Shunyata? Nordost? Synergistic Research? AQ?

I was ready to purchase a Shunyata Alpha V2 PC from my new streamer/dac but after reading a few things I held off.

Now im utterly confused. Way too many options and not enough info comparing. My upper limit for this source component is $2k, but I don't mind buying a used cable either

ultimately this will be going into a gryphon diablo 300 into kef blades 2 if listing the chain helps
You know what? I looked up that cord and i cant find anything negative about it anywhere. And that price is outstanding for materials used.
Think i will just buy it and if any issues i will return it with the 30day
If you don’t want to pay $3K for Synergistic Research Atmosphere X Level 3, or Shunyata v2 NR Sigma, then the Triode Wire Labs Obsession is definitely worth it. That would be my choice too. Go for it
Have you tried changing the fuse first on the Lumin X1?

It would be much more cost effective upgrade.