PC or Mac?

I'm getting close to entering the computer-based audio world. I've read good things about PC- and Mac-based systems, but I've not read any recent comparisons between well-implemented examples of both formats.

So, initially I was thinking about a Mac Mini-based system since it takes a lot of the computer complications out of the equation -- I'm unfortunately one of those audiophiles who has little patience or ability for troubleshooting computer issues. But if I can get similar/better performance from a Mac laptop I'm open to that too. Right now I'm leaning toward a PC laptop using JPlay (which I don't think is available for Mac as of yet), but wondering how a well-executed version of this would compare to a similar implementation of the other two Mac options?

I realize there are a lot of variables in each of these options in terms of implementation, but if anyone has compared good setups between any of them and has some real-world opinions on sound quality and ease of setup/use I'd be very interested. By the way, although sound quality is most important to me I don't want to mess with endless hassels/glitches. So if there are meaningful sonic benefits I'm willing to do some work and put up with some occasional problems to get them, but if the system's not stable and requires constant tinkering I think that could be a deal breaker.

Anyway, thanks for thoughts or links to other discussions that may have already addressed this topic.
The Win PC option will probably be significantly less expensive. The software available for the Windows platform offers you *many* more choice/options. Unless you are completely brain-dead, I would think the Win PC option is decidedly more intelligent...

I use a Mac Mini for music server and I love its simplicity, stability, low noise and the latest Audirvana plus player ($50) sounds absolutely stunning. I guess I must be brain dead.
Thanks guys. You pretty much just summed up my problem. I'm attracted to the relative simplicity of a Mac Mini system and I'm sure it will sound very good and that I'd be happy with it, but how much better can the sound get with a PC-based system and how much extra time and potential frustration will it take for a somewhat brain dead -- at least when it comes to computers -- audiophile to get there (I'm particulary interested in JPlay)? I'm willing to put in the work if the sound can be substantially better than a well-implemented Mac Mini system, but I haven't read or heard anyone with experience with both say that's the case. Anyone?
I think it comes down to what you enjoy more: listening to music or playing with computer. If you like the later more, you should get a PC. I used to work on PC all day in my day job and I didn't want to bother with it when I listen to music at home so I pick a Mac for the reasons listed in my early post.