PC Recommendation for Furman Conditioner

Hello. I have a Furman SPR-20i voltage regulator/conditioner and require a 20A IEC connector for my power cord.

I'm wondering if anyone can provide any recommendations on a PC to use. I have a VH Flavour 4 I'm currently using and could replace the 15A IEC with a 20A IEC as well instead of getting a new complete cord, (any recommendations on a good 20A IEC).

Also, I've been using a fair bit of stealth cables in my system and like how they present detail and neutrality in a laid back manner so I have been considering a Stealth PC, (never had one).

Also considering in no order....

Tel-Wire (don't think they have a 20A IEC option though)

With the Lessloss I've heard some people don't think it's a good cable for a power conditioner, (although others say it is). I like the fact that it has high quality connectors though. With the Kaplan, it looks like the 20A IEC is only a 10 dollar part and while that may not make it bad, some feel the connectors are the most important part, (more so than the cable), but some feel it's close to a Kubala Sosna Emotion in terms of sound quality, (the only important measure).

Anyway, as you can see, lots of options and I know the "you'll never know, cables are so system dependent, etc" feeling. I'm just looking for opinions/thoughts. Thanks in advance.
PS, I'd like to keep the cost below $1K, and the further the better but if there is a great PC close to that mark I won't rule it out. Thanks.
I have been using a TG Audio SLVR PC on my 20A inlet power conditioner (Audio Prism Power Foundation III) for many years with great success. It's a great cord that improves imaging by providing a darker background without limiting dynamics as many PCs often do. The benefit of using it at the power conditioner is like upgrading all your components cords at once. Happy Hunting!
Kimber makes the PK-10 Gold with the 20amp IEC option and retails for about $350. It isn't shielded for better sound so you need to keep it away from ICs and speaker cables but shouldn't be a factor in using it from the wall to the conditioner.

Of course you have your selection of Shunyata PCs but I haven't heard them. I have one of the Kimbers between the wall and my Hydra and like it for my main amp that draws a lot of power.