PC Recommendation for Furman Conditioner

Hello. I have a Furman SPR-20i voltage regulator/conditioner and require a 20A IEC connector for my power cord.

I'm wondering if anyone can provide any recommendations on a PC to use. I have a VH Flavour 4 I'm currently using and could replace the 15A IEC with a 20A IEC as well instead of getting a new complete cord, (any recommendations on a good 20A IEC).

Also, I've been using a fair bit of stealth cables in my system and like how they present detail and neutrality in a laid back manner so I have been considering a Stealth PC, (never had one).

Also considering in no order....

Tel-Wire (don't think they have a 20A IEC option though)

With the Lessloss I've heard some people don't think it's a good cable for a power conditioner, (although others say it is). I like the fact that it has high quality connectors though. With the Kaplan, it looks like the 20A IEC is only a 10 dollar part and while that may not make it bad, some feel the connectors are the most important part, (more so than the cable), but some feel it's close to a Kubala Sosna Emotion in terms of sound quality, (the only important measure).

Anyway, as you can see, lots of options and I know the "you'll never know, cables are so system dependent, etc" feeling. I'm just looking for opinions/thoughts. Thanks in advance.

Its hard conveying the subjective without having similar frames of reference. If I had to describe the copper/copper or copper/brass 20a cords, I'd opine they are most similar to a Hubbell HBL5362 receptacle, which was actually what I was aiming for; it provides a bit of tonal density and warmth to the midrange, an extended bass and treble, with excellent resolution. The imaging extends back from the speakers and with the proper setup, outside the speakers. The Rhodium terminated cords are more in the vein of a PS Audio PowerPort, but without(IMO) the glare and grit. I'm new to this, and don't know if its OK to even compare my cords to receptacles, and have left out comparisons to competing cords.
I do apologize for this marketing hyperbole, and obviously what works in your system depends on the cord's inherent qualities and its synergy with individual components, as well as your own personal preferences and metrics.

I too am looking for a power cord for my line conditioner so its power cord upgrade time. I'd not heard of the Kaplan PC's before this thread so I contacted the distributor (Tweek Geek). In particular I want to know how the Kaplan compares to Audience and Synergistic Research Tesla.

This was what Tweekgeek had to say:

In general my impressions are:

The Kaplan cables are excellent, I would liken the filtered cords to an Audience Adept response combined with a power cord. The standalone cord really has no competition at its price point of $349.

The filtered cords come in a 3 amp source/pre and 15 amp high current versions. The 3 amp cord actually has double the filtration for more RFI rejection and lower noise floor.

The cords present a relaxed sound, with a layered mid range, deep bass and smooth highs. Soundstaging is very nice. No listening fatigue whatsoever with these cables.

The Audience Power Chord is not as smooth on top as the Kaplans. If you paired an Audience Power Cord with an Adept Response conditioner, you might be getting close to the sound of the Kaplan Cable, but you would be spending a lot more money.

With the Synergistic cables, its hard to say. Synergistic cables work their best when the entire system is Synergistic. They are meant to work that way, as the sum performance of an entirely Synergistic system is more than the individual contributions of each Synergistic cable by itself. I would say you could compare a filtered Kaplan cable to a Synergistic T3 (if you were going to use the cords on an amp).

When you are using only one or two Synergistic cables in your system, its really hard to predict how they will stack up.

Question: Has anyone compared SR Tesla T3 to the Kaplans when powering a line conditioner? Also has anyone ever tried a Tesla power cord and liked it enough to purchase without running all Telsa power cords? What about the Audience PC, are the Kaplans really that much smoother and if so, do they retain detail and air?.

I intend to do a side-by-side comparison but would like feedback from anyone with experience.
Thanks for getting that information Aslan1. That Kaplan cable sounds really appealing. I wonder if using the filtered Kaplan from a power conditioner to an amp is a good thing or a bad thing? I'm thinking I might want to try a 15A one on my amp and I wonder if the double filtering so to speak might be a bit much and if the unfiltered would be a better fit?

Hopefully someone with some "ears on" Kaplan experience will chime in and answer some of your questions. Thanks

I don't know if a line conditioner in line with a line conditioner is a good idea but I will do a comparison and share my findings when Tweekgeek gets more cords in-stock.
Interestingly I got an email from Mike today. He asked that I not quote him verbatim but basically here is what he had to say:

"Hello Aslan,

I think I need to clarify a few things.

The Kaplan cables are not as good, not even close, to an all Synergistic system. However they are better than the Audience.

When you start mixing and matching different cable brands, things get very complicated, and that's when auditioning cables for yourself is really necessary. That is what I meant when I said:

"When you are using only one or two Synergistic cables in your system, its really hard to predict how they will stack up."

I have compared and all Kaplan system (power cords anyhow) to an all Synergistic system (completely cabled), and an all Audience system (completely cabled). Synergistic was the best by a wide margin, followed by Kaplan, then Audience.

I can send you Some Synergistic and Kaplan cables when you are ready. I would encourage you to evaluate them in your own system."

Mike asked that I not post the whole email so I have only incuded the basic gist. Anyway this should be a good shoot out.
Excellent. Thanks again Aslan, I'm really curious to hear your findings. Please loop back to this thread to post your impressions if you remember, once you've had a chance to do the shoot-out.