PC Recommendation for Tron Seven Phono Pre

Hello. My system is posted but I basically am looking for some suggestions on a Power Cable for my Tron Seven Phono pre. My Power Cable experiences to date have been all over the place and are the weakest part of my system. I have a VH Audio Flavour 4 from the wall to my Blue Circle MR1200, a Cardas Golden Reference for my tube amp, (came with it), and a Van Den Hul Mainstream currently on my Tron Phono pre. I'm thinking the VDH might be masking some of the detail.

Thanks in advance.
I've found the Tel Wire cord, available here on Audiogon to be an excellent performer. Chris, the owner also seems to be an awfully nice person to deal with. He has a 30 day return policy as well so you can try for yourself and see. No affiliation, just a satisfied customer.

Actually the Tesla T2 is the better of the two cables (T2 vs. T3) for a pre-amp. Read SRs website. The T2 is Synergistic's lead designers power cord of choice for pre-amps, it's in your price range, and you can audition one before making a final decision.
Thanks Leica_Man. That makes the Synergistic option even more appealing. I'm looking for a PC that provides good detail without harshness or tipped up high frequencies. If the cable had to err from perfectly neutral then a slight warmth would be preferable over brightness for my system.

I'm based in Canada so a loaner from the Cable Company is not an option and my e-mail to Synergistic on CDN dealers has gone unanswered. I'd have to execute a bit of a leap of faith. Thanks again for the info.