PCTI tonearm by rauliruegas

Was this tonearm ever produced?
(I am assuming that Raul does not work alone when conceiving of audio products or designing them.)
@lewm Based on Raul's comments here its very obvious he had nothing to do with the design. IMO he's the salesman.
Dear @cardani  : Thank's and appreciated your post.

Other than the 26/27 IM cartridge if I remember you listened in one of those prototypes tonearms the Madrigal Carnegie 2 that I time to time still enjoy it.

Good to know from you. For the gentlemans that do not know who is Cardani he is a " young " man that's  double bass player in the Xalapa Philarmonic Orchestra, his wife too and one of their son is on that " road " too.
Additional he is an audiophile.

Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,
Dear @dover : " He claims that his digital front end ( an old Denon ) is superior to any of his analogue... "

That’s a misunderstood by your self or a bad explanation for my part ( this happens very often. ) ( I can see the stupid here again. Obviously not you. Never mind. ).

As you I’m and was exposed to the best digital rigs in my system and in other systems ( I’m not talking of Denon. ) and exposed too to the best analogue you can imagine too.

What is my take about and what almost always post is that the today digital medium outperforms the today analogue alternative. I’m not " blind " to not see that fact .

My take too is that the bass range is the home room/system foundation/frame for the sound reproduction and that as better the bass range as better the whole quality room/system performance levels and between other things bass range in the digital medium is really superior to the analogue alternative, no contest. Even that really humble Denon ( 32/192 ) is superior in that regards.

""" It suggests that his analogue, whilst it may sound great, is not reference quality. ""

You can’t be sure about. In the other side and with that kind of electronics you own I’m totally sure that your system neither. Specially about phonolinepreamp quality true levels. Like it or not mine is way superior and could be an improvement in your system.

""" I note that it has taken Raul years and thousands of posts to finally discover that he prefers moving coil cartridges - why so long ? """

No it was not years and years to taken in count LOMC are superior. As a fact before I started the MM thread all my listen sessions were through LOMC but suddenly in those " old " years I took one of my vintage MM/MI cartridges that I owned and that were my very first cartridges I used when started to listen LPs and when mounted and listened it was a high surprise/true discovery for me that those cartridges performed way better that what the high end market wanted to be knowed by us " audiophiles " and here started the long adventure/trip where one of the main targets was to listen as many different vintage cartridges I can. But in reality in those times I was listened mainly to MM cartridges type and no so many to my top LOMC cartridges. I was really exited with the MM adventure after and again and again I listened to a " new " model ! !

Even in that thread I shared that I thougth that the MM/MI/IM/electrect and the like cartridges develops lower distortions than the LOMC and remember that J.Carr posted and explained why it wasand is the other way around.

After the adventure ( I have almost no one interest in MM type cartridges because I almost listened all. ) my sessions of MUSIC are through LOMC cartridges and time to time with MM type.

So " things " are not as you posted. I respect your opinion but I can’t understand the ironic and taunt tone of your words posted in reference to me/tonearm.

Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,
¨The turntables he uses as a reference are midfi in my view. ( The Micro Seikis and Direct Drives ¨
     When I have  heard Raul,s system he has mostly used  two Acoustic signature belt drives. Only once I think I heard his Micro seiki 5000 which last time i was at his place he mentioned me he had sold it.  I did not notice any particular fault with his tables, pitch was spot on.
¨Other than the 26/27 IM cartridge if I remember you listened in one of those prototypes tonearms the Madrigal Carnegie 2 that I time to time still enjoy it.´
    Yes, If i remember correctly was on a different ocassion but also with your own arm that we heard Madrigal carnegie 2. 

@chakster ¨ Review without any single image of the product is a bit strange.¨
    I dont think there is a review of the tonearm, if you interpret my comment as a review all i can say it is not all, i have only heard his tonearm a couple of times and all i said is that the  tonearm does do exists and  what i heard was on par with any other top ones which i,ve heard at his place.