PD 65 Pioneer Power Cord Modification

I would like to buy a better power cord for this cd player but it is not removeable. Anyone know where I can it modified to accept a better power cord or maybe explain how I could do it myself? Pleae help. Rick
I have a PD 54 which is a similar unit. I too decided to upgrade the wimpy power cord with a better one. I chose a 14 gauge Belden type shielded cord with a Leviton plug - cost $15. Instead of a more elaborate installation of an EIC plug, I wired the new cord directly. The procedure is fairly simple if you are familiar with soldering electronic wiring. 1. Remove top cover. 2. Unsolder both leads from junction blocks. 3. Remove strain relief on cord 4. Pull out and discard old cord 5. Resize strain relief to accept 14 gauge wire 6. Install cord / strain relief 7. Solder new wire to mounting block 8. Replace cover While you're at it, you might want to invest another $15 in some Dynamat, a dense damping compound used primarily with car stereo speakers. Cut pieces and apply them to the transport mechanism. Apply any left over to the cover itself. If you are not using the digital output jack, make a shorting plug for it. Acquire an RCA plug and a 75 ohm resistor. Solder one lead to hot, the other to ground. This will prevent RF leakage from the otherwise open jack. Results? Tighter bass, quieter background, cleaner transients and improved detailing.