peachtree amp vs. traditional amp

OK, I'm a newbie, so this is possibly a dumb question.  I am considering a 2 channel amp to listen to music (Tidal or spotify).  I am looking at a traditional looking black box amp by Yamaha or Marantz.  But I've also seen a very small amp by peachtree.  The peachtree seems to be about the same of watts as the others.  How would the sound compare?  It seems that the peachtree is so small, it would not have the same power.  Doesn't size/weight translate to some level of power?  Anyways, has anyone compared a peachtree to a traditional amp of the same power rating?  Please share thoughts.
anyone knows who makes traditional amps and where to purchase these and what are these?
czarivey:  By traditional amp, I mean the black box amps, made by Dennon, Yamaha, Marantz, etc.  They all kind of look similar.  Usually priced $500 to $2000.  Can be found a Best Buy and Crutchfield.
@bubba12Can you expand on why you grew tired of the Devialet. I am considering this integrated for a future system just for the convenience factor. I have heard this unit and it was OK. I rationalized the convenience would override the OK sound I heard.

BTW - I thought the Devialet was a hybrid Class A and Class D amp.
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Op, I would take a look at the Belles Aria integrated an the Rogue Cronus Magnum 2 which are both in the  $2-3K range. I owned the CM2 (just a wonderfully sounding amp) and I’ve also heard the Belles a couple of times and found this amp also exceptional for it’s price. Both these amps will blow away, in my opinion, any “traditional” amp mentioned including the Peachtree (not a fan of class D amps). Another integrated amp you should consider in that price range is the Hegel, but I like to support and buy American made if possible.