Peachtree Decco Power Cord upgrade?

Looking to replace my Peachtree Decco power cord. Any thoughts? I have a PS Audio Duet connected to it as a power conditioner/surge protector. Thanks
why not try ps audio power cords and see for yourself? some people think you should keep all the cables similar and some mix and match claiming synergy is a factor. a debate that will never end.....good luck. ps i have signal cable ac and morrow audio ac on my furman/peachtree combo because i just went with the best i had lying around. if i was starting from scratch i would use one manufacturer but that is just my opinion.
I made a DIY power cord for my Peachtree. 3 runs of 12 AWG OCC copper, Schurter IEC, Marinco wall plug, and a copper sleeve/shield with a nylon braid around everything. It's more than enough power cord for the Peachtree. That being said, I have a hard time making a better cord than Signal Cable for less than their sale prices.