Peachtree Nova 150, 300 or 500 Speaker Pairing....Any Suggestions?

I have purchases a Peachtree Nova500 and it is absolutely awesome.  Clearly the best integrated amplifier that I have ever owned.  Beats the pants off of some of the best Class A and A/B amps that I have listened too. 

But now it is time for me to upgrade my speakers, and I am interested in hearing about good speakers to be paired with the mighty Nova series!

I have seen some good reviews for Tekton Design Pendragons, Zu Audio, SVS Ultra Tower speakers, and Totem Acoustics. 

But I would really like to hear from some current Peachtree please share your thoughts or experiences  on the speakers that you have paired with a Peachtree 150, 300 or 500.

I have a Nova150 driving a pair of Wharfedale Diamond 10.7 in one system here.  Was so impressed with the combo that I grabbed a pair of Wharfedale EVO 4.4 last month and can honestly say it sounds even better with the EVO 4.4  - the Nova / Wharfedale combo is a keeper for that system for sure.   Another speaker that played well with the Nova was a pair of Magnepan 1.7 but you need to have plenty of room to pull the Maggie’s way out into the room and still have space to sit far enough away.  Two completely different sounding presentations and for that room I found the Wharfedale towers to be the better option.  
Hey what Class D module does the Peacher use?
Just looked it up,ICEpower.  I ran a PS Audio S300 (ICEpower)  for years pushing Focal 926.  But during that stint I rolled in a pair of Quad s-5.  I had them for several months.   They image beautifully and womans voice and strings were elegant.   I regret ever selling them now and am always on the lookout for them used.  Prolly not the best speaker for hard rock or metal but jazz, classical acoustic.  Man mmmmm.  Take a look a see if the numbers match up. I would even consider Quad s-3 with a nice SUB.
Note;  The S300 fronted by tube pre.
“Solomon prefers to keep Mum about the identity of the new engineer as well as precisely how the two Class D ICEPower modules found inside the nova150 have been implemented. What he will tell us is this: a pair of 300AC modules are fed by an outboard SMPS running at 480kHz.”

From John Darko review
They will drive most anything well so you have the pick of the crop depending on what you are looking for.
Would help to know more about the room and where you will be listening from in it to help narrow it down.