Peachtree vs Rogue Integrated

Hey guys,

Looking for an inexpensive solution to my recently delivered Magnestand 1.6s for preamp and amp duties.

I was looking at:
1. Peachtree NovaPree/220 amp combo
2. Rogue Audio Sphinx

I know these are Maggies....

Anybody have these combos or opinions on the synergy with the Maggies....

I also will be running a Macbook Pro and Rega RP6.

No actual experience with that combo.I have read in several threads here and on other forums about reliability issues with the Peachtree products.I am one of many happy Rogue owners.Well built and great customer service.Hope that helps a bit.Good luck in your search!
Would like to know the difference in sound between Peachtree and Wyred4Sound integrateds too.
I am using the Nova Pre and 220 combo with Maggie 1.7s in a system in my office. The Maggie's are hungry, but the 220 provides enough power. I tend to listen at high levels at times too.

They seem to be a fairly good match. I use a vinyl as well as a digital front end in this system.

I looked at many options when building this second system. I decided on the Peachtree because it provided the most good power for the money. The problem with Maggie's is the speakers are inexpensive, but that is offset when you need to buy a lot of watts to drive them.