Pearl Acoustics Sibelius Speakers

Hi, Anyone have any experience with the Pearl Acoustics Sibelius Speakers? I just recently came across these speakers and I have been watching many of their YT Videos. Looks really interesting to me but not many independent video's on them from what I can find. Thanks Jay

I'm also curious.

(2) amps - Willsenton R8 and Decware Zen 25th anniversary. 

I have been very interested in knowing more about the speakers from experts and have found very little info. Please let us know what you find and if you have an opportunity to listen to them directly tell us. 

Best regards 

Willsenton R8 is available immediately...Decware amps are on a 1 year waiting list. I know it’s off topic but I just wanted to make zoso69 aware of the Decware situation.

An impressive small single driver transmission line speakers. It seems to go low but, when listening to Birds by Dominique Fils-Aimé, the bottom bass notes are not that weighty compared to my little bookshelf NHT Sb3, honestly, which costs sub $250 used. So, at the asking price of $6,600, I am not sure its value relative to the peers. Plus, it is a bit plain looking like a DIY product.  Sorry if I offend the owners or the manufacture in any way but ...