Penny&Giles----where are they?

Hello all, I'm curious as to what happened to this pot. I have only seen it advertised with the Aragon line. Was it a better pot than the Alps or Noble that are still around? Perhaps it was made for Mondial only and when they folded P&G folded too. Thanks in advance.
Penny & Giles ( are best known for their line of "industrial" controllers and linear faders. They also make a rotary fader (model RF15) which is the volume control you are asking about. It is built like the proverbial tank and looks like it would withstand a nuclear blast. I used these in my Deluxe Line Drive series of passive preamps back in the '80's, but gave them up after I found a part I liked better - the TKD conductive plastic pot. Like Penny & Giles, TKD makes a line of industrial-grade linear faders, but they also make rotary faders (potentiometers) and stepped-attenuators. These are excellent volume controls, but the stepped parts have gotten extremely expensive. The conductive plastic pot (CP2511) can be had from Michael Percy Audio ( for $62.50, while the stepped-attenuator goes for around $250.

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Steve McCormack
I'm appreciate all the replys on this thread. To you Mr. McCormack I especially want to thank and wish you continued success with your products.
Mr McCormack is right, the $62 model is quite nice. I love the stepped @$250; but tend to think that all ove these may be better than the Alps or Noble as these are
*only industry *standard and not *industry *premium. No offense intended, but it seems like we are premium folks here.