Percentage of mp3 vs FLAC on Tidal?

Hi all,

I recently discovered that on my Squeezebox app I can tap on the artist and album title while the music is playing to see what the source file is and I'm finding that there is a much higher percentage of mp3 music that is streaming than I had expected.  For the price I'm paying I was assuming that everything was at least redbook CD quality but apparently not.

Does anyone know what the approximate split between mp3 and FLAC is on Tidal and if any of the other services are pure and 100% FLAC if you pay for their premium service?

Feeling a bit cheated at the moment, thanks...
You might try the Tidal Desktop app just to confirm that you are receiving flac files.
jclctr - Can you give some examples? What are you using for the player - desktop app, android, ios phone?
Yes I would love some examples also I have not encountered any mp3s in about a year of streaming Tidal.
The source that I'm using is a Squeezebox Touch - I did find some information stating that when Ickstream was being used the app would indicate that a file was an MP3 incorrectly when it was really FLAC coming through - I'm using the newer Tidal app for Squeezebox but it could be a similar glitch.

For example, I clicked on almost every Bruce Cockburn album that was in Tidal - 2 titles read as FLAC 1 of which was Stealing Fire, pretty much everything else read as MP3.  The National Cherry Tree also read as being MP3 but other titles in their catalog were FLAC.

It sounds like there is either an issue with how the Squeezebox is streaming or it's incorrectly labeling FLAC files as MP3 - my understanding is that all of the work that's been done for Squeezebox has been by end users as of late including the Tidal app I'll poke around and see what I can find out...