Perfect Debute Albums

Which DEBUTE albums do you consider perfect?


This thread was MacDadTexas's idea and a good one at that!

Mine would be-

The Cars- The Cars
Norah Jones- Come Away With Me
Cheap Trick- Cheap Trick

I'll post more later....
I started to write em down then read the list and you guy listed so.many great except The Blue Nile "Walk across the rooftops" one 5 top lps of all time. Pistols, Clash, Eel's, etc.
Coffee's mention of Eels reminded me of E and his solo debut "A Man Called E". Much less mannered than Eels (so maybe less interesting to some), but utterly pure pop/rock songwriting in the vein of The Beatles. Along with his other solo effort, "Broken Toy Shop", a great record of this type.

Always wondered how these remained so obscure even after Eels achieved their cult success. BTW, Mark O. Everett (the man called E) had a fantastic songwriting partner who peforms under the name Parthenon Huxley or P. Hux. Great solo stuff there, too including another great debut from his short lived band, Veg. That one rocks a bit harder than most from P. Hux and is on my list of outstanding debuts, too.

Another couple of great debut albums;

Lloyd Cole and The Commotions - Rattlesnakes

Mink DeVille - Cabretta
I'm going to add Bjork - Debut. Although not technically her first album which was released when she was eleven-years-old, we can't really count that one. I love her music as a solo artist.