Perfect Debute Albums

Which DEBUTE albums do you consider perfect?


This thread was MacDadTexas's idea and a good one at that!

Mine would be-

The Cars- The Cars
Norah Jones- Come Away With Me
Cheap Trick- Cheap Trick

I'll post more later....
Swamp - agreed on the next two from Joss Stone! I've not listened to her fourth. I'd have to also call out her guest appearance on the Jeff Beck, Live at Ronny Scotts (GREAT video) is...well,....memorable (oh my, oh my...very memorable)! Made you yearn for more than just the single song. What a voice! Also great on that same DVD is Imogen Heap doing "Blanket".

...back to debuts...

Has anyone already mentioned Kate Bush, The Kick Inside ?! - she was 19 and most of the songs were written when she was much younger.
Yet another Mumford supporter. Best debut that I can recall in well over a decade.
I'll also add The Feelies eponymous first record to the list.
Laura Marling - Alas I cannot swim. Unbelievable debut album for someone so young.
Pat Metheny "Bright Size Life" w/ Jaco Pastorius & Bob Moses! What a lineup! I second Lrsky on the Nancy Wilson! Also, one that many are unaware of, is Mozart debut album "twinkle little star", very few sold, as the advent of the victrola was not yet. He was ahead of his time!