Perfect Path Technologies: Omega E mat

I’m curious about this product from Perfect Path Technologies and would like to hear from those that have experience with it. I’ve bought and used the Total Contact enhancer and like what it does for my system so I’m interested in hearing how this Omega E mat performs. 
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Geoff ... are you saying not to take any wooden nickles? 

@jetter A better example would be how does my technology differ from other topical, and in line signal enhancers? I have answered this before.
It is completely different. That is all your going to get, and the return guarantee.


 @grannyring Protective is the right word, Bill. This much I do know for a fact. None of my products are system dependent, that is a myth, and not just my opinion. If the other member you speak of did pay up front
for a mat and is disappointed, shouldn't he contact the manufacture first,
instead of voicing his opinion to someone who put in writing I won't buy
one because of the expense, but would try the cheaper smaller version.
One can't help but to ask, what is your real intention?

These products are like my children, I am proud of what I put into them,
and will protect them to the end.

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Tim Mrock 

Frank and @t_ramey

Thank you guys for starting these threads on two new products that are elevating the musical experience of many music lovers. I enjoy the sharing of experiences and all actual experiences are welcome and useful to our community here. I know both of you do this out of a sincere excitement for the products and desire to share with others. Absolutely no doubt in my mind. I purchase two TC kits because of these threads. One directly from Tim and one through a member.  I have also posted several very positive reviews of TC.  I am also going to buy the smaller cards if Tim lets me 😕

It is unfortunate the owner seems less excited about hearing all opinions and questions. Tim, you would do well to step back and not appear as though you are treating and intending this open forum to be a one way advertisement. You attacked me and were indeed “short” with Ozzy for no good reason. No reason. I assume, like all of us, there are times when we can respond more appropriately and with more understanding. I hope this is the case in the future as the last thing any of us need in life is difficultly in places where we look for enjoyment.

I don’t want to dwell on this stuff anymore Tim. My benign post stated the mat improved the sound, just not to the level of others/other systems. No mention of disappointment or not working etc... My motive is clear based on my history on this site. My reputation if you will. I want for the community to better understand when the mat will have the greatest impact and where. That’s it.

You are now speculating I have some sort of ill motive here. I am sincerely sorry you feel/see it this way.
Apparently Tim only wants opinions that absolutely gush about his products to be printed here. If you’re not satisfied, do NOT post your opinion here, send Tim a private message. What a double standard. "Print only the accolades, censor the dissatisfied!" Sorry, that's not how a forum works. Tim, you are really showing yourself in a bad light, here. I understand, your products have come up against skepticism. Your integrity has come into question, etc...But to answer the skeptics with attacks of your own, childish insults, and accusations is an unwise thing for a company owner to do. You don’t have the luxury of that. You have to take the high road. Anything less, and you lessen yourself, your products, and your company.