Perfect Path Technologies: Omega E mat

I’m curious about this product from Perfect Path Technologies and would like to hear from those that have experience with it. I’ve bought and used the Total Contact enhancer and like what it does for my system so I’m interested in hearing how this Omega E mat performs. 
Is it possible to use so much TC that it takes more time than usual for improvement in sound?  I built four short Maggie crossover jumper cables using stranded  Furutech speaker wire terminated by set screw pressure against wire inside of barrel (gold) of banana connector.  I coated the outside of the stranded braid thickly, thinking it would all spread out as the set screw flattened the wire outward in the barrel.  The jumpers did not sound as good as I had hoped at first--they are improving after a week (25 hrs).  The parts are of good quality---wondering if too much TC is possible, or is it self-limiting over time and just taking more time as it cures.  Tim/Krissy?     
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  • "I coated the outside of the stranded braid thickly, thinking it would all spread out as the set screw flattened the wire outward in the barrel."

I think the thick coating may have something to do with the "problem." Only a thin coating is required. TC takes time to cure (dry) for it to be at its best. You've noticed an improvement over the past week, right? I think that's because your thick coating is starting to cure. It should continue to improve over time. That's my take anyway. :-)

I'm approaching four weeks out from pasting the circuit breaker switches and the mains. What I'm hearing now is impossible. Truly impossible. 

I need more things to paste. :-)


@jafreeman Good morning Joe, great job on your jumpers, that's exactly how I would construct them The thick coating in this case
will take a little longer to polymerize, but it will. Not sure if your wire and connectors are new, if they are , particularly Furutech makes for a rough
beginning. Hope that helps.    
Thanks Tim, that does help a lot.  Yes, all parts are new. I only did one side for now--the Furutech is competing with the Cardas jumper kit with their Maggie pins. I was always suspect of the small wire gauge on that kit---tuns out they sound pretty good, but the Furutech is gaining.  Omega mats lie beneath each Maggie, covering crossovers, fuse banks, wire connections---outstanding improvements. 
That's awesome Joe! What's funny is I have been doing the same thing, not jumpers though. Playing around with their spades and RCA's. The break-in on those every bit as rotten as their duplexes, but so worth it a few hundred hours down the road. 

I forgot to mention this morning, that a thin coat of TC on your jumper wires insulation will further enhance their performance, same if you completely coat the entire banana connector. Have a great weekend!