Perfect Path Technologies: Omega E mat

I’m curious about this product from Perfect Path Technologies and would like to hear from those that have experience with it. I’ve bought and used the Total Contact enhancer and like what it does for my system so I’m interested in hearing how this Omega E mat performs. 
I never said he WOULD give his game away if contacted directly at all. Only said it might be a possibility if you asked direct, really have no idea tbh.

Must have missed your magnetism bit, was probably thinking of a.n.other who did not and then went on a rant here about it. My apologies.

Very good question Oldtech, who IS Scott Earnshaw indeed?
How far can you throw a chair from a basketball sideline?  Just wondering...
I honestly have no idea at all what you are blabbering about at this point.
Thanks and so long for the fish.....
This is devolving into a bunch of insults. Not necessary.

Oldtech ... what is your intent here? I'm beginning to think you may be a friend of a competitor, or perhaps the competitor himself.  

You wouldn't happen to be making magic plug-in devices by any chance, would you? Or, maybe you're that Mad guy who lives in Australia? Hmm, come to think of it, I've never seen both of you in the same place at the same time. Curious ... very curious ...