Perfect Path Tecnologies ‘The Gate’

Having been a music lover and audio enthusiast for more decades than I care to admit to I’ve had the privilege of owning some tremendous components over those years and thought I had attained a level of musical enjoyment that would be difficult to improve upon without spending more money than I could afford. Then along came The Gate to turn my audio conceptions on end. 

While I was quite skeptical of all of the positive proclamations regarding the Perfect Path mats, cards and contact enhancer ( how could they possibly bring about such sonic improvements?) I took the plunge and purchased a nano bundle to see what the hubbub was all about. Much to my surprise they not only brought about improvements to my systems’ ability to recreate a more musical sound but did so in spades. 

When Tim of Perfect Path Technologies asked if I wanted to try his new product, The Gate, I jumped at the chance thinking it would be a nice addition to what the other products provided. I wasn’t prepared for the quantum leap The Gate brought to my music listening pleasure. As much as the other products brought about a much lower noise floor, greater detail and delicacy, improved dynamics, richer tone and more realism The Gate does so in magnitudes difficult to describe. The best way I can describe its affect is unreal purity leading the most realistic musical sound I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing.....outside of a live performance obviously. It has me listening to all of my CD’s as if for the first time again.

I have no idea how The Gate actually works or what it does I just know it’s the most dramatic tweak to my system I’ve ever experienced and I wouldn’t think of being without it. As to how it’s implemented, it’s installed in the electrical panel with one lead connected to the common buss and the other to a breaker ( preferably 220). Hope I got the terminology correct.....I’m far from being an electrician!

At $4,999.00 it’s not cheap but worth every penny to me as I’ve spent more on components with less sonic improvement. 

Lastly, I realize some will scoff at something they can’t understand and I get not understanding it as I don’t, but I would hope people could keep their skepticism healthy and civil. I am not here to promote or sell, nor do I have any affiliation with PPT. I am only sharing something that I’ve found to be transforming in my system. Sorry for the lengthy introduction.
Thanks for taking the effort to do some research before labeling the Gate a rip off, noromance. There’s much more to it than meets the eye, I’m sure. I can definitely tell you it’s not a rip off as it’s provided me with as much or more musical pleasure than an component upgrade I’ve made ( some costing much more than the Gate). 

I fully understand ones skepticism about something not understood.....I was there myself before giving these products a try. They’ve been some of the best audio purchases I’ve ever made. 

I have no idea how this thing works or what’s in it and I couldn’t care less as I know what it delivers.....a purity and realism to music I’ve not previously experienced. While I don’t know for sure I’d bet my entire system that it’s not a mere capacitor. There is no way a capacitor could bring so much life and energy to the music. I believe removing RFI and EMI is part of the PPT magic but it’s not the full story. 

I look forward to hearing what your research brings and I hope you get the chance to hear the affects a Gate brings to table, it’s quite eye opening and jaw dropping to say the least. 

Where is PPT and his wife? They were chiming in previously and now they are silent. I've been in this hobby long enough to know that PPT and his wife know exactly who Oregonpapa and Mac48025 are along with any other happy customers who chimed in here and they have traded emails here and there about this thread. So again, I ask; where are you? How about taking the time to give some clue as to what justifies the price? Or not-just tell us that like an original Shun Mook Puck there is "really rare stuff from ancient swamps in Africa" or maybe rare earth obtained from ancient Mayan ruins or a meteor recovered from Aboriginal tribesman or maybe as alluded to above some nano-somethingorother and we can all get on with our lives and derive our mirth elsewhere. 
@fsonicsmith Here is another new word for you to look up........ Intellectual Property.

White paper? Explanation? How about this, which is on the website.

You have 90 days to return all purchases except TC, no questions asked.
I felt this carries a whole lot more weight then meaningless drivel, 
You know like the type your spewing.

Fsonicsmith, I only know Tim from being a customer. I have had limited contact with Tim ( a few emails and three phone calls) and have never conversed with the Mrs in any manner. I don’t know what you’re trying to insinuate but I have no affiliation with PPT other than being a satisfied customer. I started this thread to share my experience with this incredible product. 

I realize youve never never heard a system utilizing the Gate so I can’t expect you to appreciate the value of this product but if it bothers you so much that it’s technology surpasses your ability to surmise as to how it might work, by all means feel free to ignore this thread altogether as we’d hate to contribute to any high blood pressure on your part. 😀

Neither Tim, or any inventor, owes you or anyone an explanation or justification regarding their technology. Their customer satisfaction speaks for itself. I doubt most of us could fully understand it if he did explain how it works and I don’t blame him for wanting to protect his intellectual property in the least. 

As Tim stated his 90 day return policy is very generous and speaks volumes about his confidence in his products worth. This policy definitely outweighs any marketing jargon or scientific hyperbole as far as I’m concerned. It was this policy that prompted me to give the mats and cards a try and I couldn’t be happier that I did. Maybe I should have never availed myself of the opportunity to try these products and griped about what I knew nothing about instead?
Has anyone else's buy and sell searches recently started coming up with ton's of totally unrelated items when doing a search?

When I do a search for perfect path technologies or the gate 40 or so items (guessing), including the matts, cards and tc are displayed, but not the gate.