Perfect Path Total Contact no longer?

Tried to get onto Perfect Paths website and order some Total Contact. I see that there website is now down, and the owner has died(R.I.P). Does anyone have any news on the availability of this product?
I can explain I've the formula. All documentation although accessible is under lock and key.Technology of this magnitude ranks with my Star Wars lightsabre engineering.I've created the Perfect Path for your funds to my secure account, directions to follow.Do not take faint, It's not 'Dust in the Wind', there's many a trusted individual working to fill the void....
Trust me.
Not to be macabre, but does anyone know what he died of? Is it possible that manufacturing the product created a health hazard?

I was planning on ordering as well, but held off until I got my dedicated line ready to be installed.
Has anyone who owns the product thought further about having the contact enhancer analyzed to find out what’s in it.  I normally wouldn’t suggest reverse engineering a product, but in this case is it ethical, legal, possible?

Seems like we lost a great innovator and product.  Currently kicking myself for not previously ordering, but due to economic conditions I’m trying to mostly make due with what I have.  
Uh, I think we already know what’s in it without having to analyze it. Hel-loo! 
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